silent coworking space

The Coworking Spaces

Fully equipped coworking spaces with a view on the swiss alps

Fully equipped coworking spaces to be productive

After our spring 2024 remodeling, we have now several coworking spaces and 1 call room in the coliving. During our 1st season, we only had one big coworking space in what is now our dining area… But we realized we needed a bit more diversity to fulfill the needs and preferences of our guests. Some people want to work in silent spaces to be fully focused, some don’t mind to be closer to social spaces (to jump in some discussions if they feel like it), other just want to sit by the window to work with the mountain view.

But all coworking spaces provide:

  • strong 400 Mb/s internet (well you have strong Wifi everywhere in the house as we have a modern Ubiquiti setup with access points scattered all around the house)
  • comfortable office chairs
  • some external monitors if you need (we have 3 so far)
  • a black and white laser printer
  • some standing desk options (that’s how we use the old bar counter 😉 )
  • a lot of plants for a nice atmosphere
  • and some friendly coworkers to help you be productive 😉

Silent coworking space on the 3rd floor

This space used to be our gym / multi purpose room and is from now on our silent coworking space. Located on our 3rd floor, it is the most quiet area in the house and provide amazing views over the village and the surrounding mountains. It has 6 fully equipped working stations, with comfortable office chairs, some monitors and plants for increased productivity. Of course, no calls are allowed in this work space.

Social coworking space on the ground floor

This space is located next to the living room in what used to be our 1st dining room. As it’s close to the more social areas of the house, talking is allowed in this space as well as short calls. It has 4 working stations with office chairs plus one additional spot around the circular table. It also has the advantage of being much closer to our amazing coffee machine 🙂

The dining room benches and bar area

As we also have an beautiful dining area with huge windows, load of natural light and great views, we also decided to create comfy benches for chill working sessions. In this space we also have a bar counter that some people use as a standing desk option.

Our call room

We finally have one call room located on the 2nd floor of our property. That’s also the place where you’ll find our printer.

Of course, in addition to these main coworking spaces, every room is equipped with a small desk if you prefer working from there.