climbing wall in action

Gym & bouldering wall

Stay active while you stay at Alpiness and try bouldering

During our second round of renovations, we turned our basement storage rooms into a gym featuring a custom made bouldering wall. Even though we have all the possible outdoor activities at our doorstep, we know a lot of people want to keep their fitness routine while staying at the coliving. So we made it happen and after quite a lot of work, we now have 2 gym rooms in our basement:

The gym room

The 1st room is mostly empty to have space for yoga, hiit or any fitness training. For the moment, you’ll find the following gear in this room:

  • Some weights: 4x5kgs, 8x2kgs, 4×0,5kgs
  • 2 dumbbells bar (2kgs each)
  • 1 big 155cm and 7,8kgs bar
  • 2 kettlebells (8kgs and 16kgs)
  • 1 pullup bar
  • 6 yoga mats
  • 2 foam rollers
  • 4 yoga blocks
  • some elastic bands
  • 1 TV equipped with Chromecast to display your favorite training app on the screen

Note: we might add some more gear with time in fonction of what people use and request

The bouldering wall room

Next to the gym room, we now have our own custom bouldering wall! This room is equipped with an adjustable spray wall (you can adjust the angle of the wall between 15 and 45 degrees), a big mat to absorb any fall and some super nice artworks made by the incredible Kiwi team. If you’ve ever dreamed to have a bouldering wall at home, we made it happen for you 🙂 .

To make it more fun and easy to use our wall, we use a special app called Stökt where you’ll find many routes for super beginner level to more advanced. Basically, you just download the app, create your account (of course it’s free), look for alpiness coliving, choose your route and start climbing 🙂 . We’ve just started to set routes in the app but no doubt there will be hundreds of routes in the app soon!