top of Mont de l'Etoile with the gang

The community

Alpiness coliving is all about community and creating great memories together

The Alpiness family

The therm “Coliving” has been used in many different ways in the last few years (big city coliving, coliving chains, hotel providing a workspace, shared housing etc…). In our case, what we like and try to be is a small community focused coliving space. Since we discovered the concept of coliving back in 2018, the places where we had the most unforgettable experiences had a lot of characteristics in common:

  • Small group of people: For us, 8-15 people is the magic number to make new friends without being overwhelmed by the size of the group.
  • Shared dinners and activities: The magic of coliving happens around food (you can learn more about how we organise family dinners here), sharing a glass of wine, during a hike or a board game night, watching a movie or sharing a workout/yoga session with other colivers. We believe that without all these moments, coliving would just be a regular shared housing with common infrastructures.
  • Long stays: You need time to create meaningful connexions! There is no way to get to know people in just a few days and that’s why we have a minimum stay policy of 2 weeks (and that our pricing strongly encouraged longer stays). As guests, we never stayed less than a months in any coliving (we stayed up to 5 months) and we believe that’s how you get the full coliving experience 🙂

Since we co renovated our property with fellow nomads and we started operating in September 2023, we already made a lot of new friends and shared unforgettable moments together. We really want anyone that comes at Alpiness to feel welcome and part of our little nomadic family. For us, community is the most important part of a coliving space and we will always do our best to make everyone feel at home in our little mountain village 😉

Just to give you a taste, here are a few pictures of our 1st season 😉