a beginner's guide to ski touring

A beginner’s guide to ski touring

Ski touring is such an amazing sport but it requires a lot of gear, knowledge, experience… So after getting a lot of questions during our 1st winter season, I wrote this hopefully comprehensive guide to help you get up and running in ski touring

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After our 1st Winter Season at the coliving, we realized that many people were keen to try ski touring. I mean we totally get it! Ski touring is an amazing activity that gives you access to untouched mountains, far from the ski resorts, pure powder runs in amazing landscapes. But on the other hand it’s also a not super “accessible” sport because it requires a lot of knowledge (mountains, avalanche, snow conditions), gear and a minimum of skills to ski down the mountains. And let’s be honest, it can also be quite scary/dangerous as with only one mistake, you can end up dead under an avalanche!

As a keen ski tourer but also as the coliving manager, it puts me in a bit of an uncomfortable position. On one hand I really want to share my passion with colivers but on the other hand, people need to understand the risks and have the knowledge/skills to go ski touring on their own. So after getting quite a lot of questions about gear / snow / itineraries, I decided to write a (hopefully) comprehensive guide with all the infos I wished I had found online before getting into ski touring myself (knowledge, all the gear, technique…). I hope you’ll find it useful and that it might help/inspire you getting into this sport!

a beginner's guide to ski touring

Some images of our 1st ski touring season

To wet your appetite, here are some pictures of our 1st ski touring season. I shot all these images in our beautiful valley around the coliving.

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