Clément overlooking the Aletsch glacier at the top of Eggishorn

Exploring Aletsch, the biggest glacier of the alps from Alpiness Coliving

The Aletsch glacier is located just 90 minutes away from the coliving and really is one of the most beautiful day trip you can do in Switzerland. Here are all the info you need to know to get there.

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Discover the Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland

Alpiness coliving is located in an incredible valley with loads of things to do and discover at all seasons! But sometimes it’s also nice to make bigger day trips to go explore beyond what we have around our house. And if there is one place you should visit while in Switzerland, it’s the incredible Aletsch Glacier.

This place is nothing short of extraordinary! It’s the biggest glacier of the Alps with a spectacular 20 kms long glacier tongue and the mythical trio of the Bernese Alps in the background: Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch. It’s one of the most emblematic places in Switzerland (with the Matterhorn of course) and I can promise you will remember these landscapes forever!

the aletsch glacier seen from the Eggishorn

The good news: it’s actually not too far from our coliving (90 minutes drive) and it is not even that expensive to visit (you know… hiking is free 😉 ) . So during our first autumn season in 2023, we set off with a crew from the coliving to check out this incredible place! And you can be sure it’s not the last time we go there 😉

Different ways to visit the Aletsch Glacier

There are many ways to discover the Alesch Glacier, from short to longer hikes… you could also just take the cable car if you don’t really want to walk too much.

With Fabienne we already went to Aletsch twice and we hiked most of the trails there is to hike there. Here are our favorite ones:

The Aletsch Glacier panoramic trail

This is our favorite option because the hike is not too difficult (14 kms and 700m d+-) and offers breathtaking views over the whole glacier. Here are a few pictures of our hike with the colivers:

For detailed infos about how to get there, the hike, the GPX track and so on, just check out our detailed post on our travel blog below:

aletsch glacier hiking guide

The Aletsch UNESCO ridge trail

If you feel more adventurous and you have a good fitness level, you could try to hike the Aletsch Unesco ridge trail. Last time we went with the coliving crew, we combined it with the panoramic trail to create a 20 kms and 1200 d+- itinerary. It’s not an easy hike but this ridge offers undoubtedly the best views on the Aletsch glacier.

the aletsch Unesco ridge trail

If you want to have all thin information and GPX tracks to do the ridge trail, we also wrote a comprehensive post on our travel blog. So just check it out 🙂

aletsch Unesco ridge trail

Buy the Aletsch explorer day pass

If you don’t feel like hiking too much, your best bet is to buy the Aletsch explorer day pass. With this pass you’ll have access for a full day to all the cable cars and trains from the area. It will allow you to do smaller hikes from a point A to B and come back by public transportation. You could also just take the gondola all the way up to Eggishorn to enjoy a breathtaking view on the glacier.

That’s it for the Aletsch Glacier! I think you now have all the info you need to know for a great day out of our valley to discover this emblematic landmark of Switzerland. Of course if you have any question, feel free to drop us a comment below (or on our travel blog 😉 )

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