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Rock and Relax: Coliving for Climbing Enthusiasts

What about a coliving space where climbing enthusiasts meet? Welcome to Alpiness, your outdoor fun place in the Swiss Alps


Welcome to Alpiness Coliving, Swiss Climbing Paradise, you bewitched climbing soul! (Also you, not yet a climber, you’re as much as welcomed here, I was you till May this year 2023, so hi hi hi :)))

Hello to Alpiness Coliving, Hello to Climbing

Indoor or outdoor, climbing is such a captivating activity which you can move your whole body, using the muscles that you didn’t know how to use, feeling the power from your finger tips to toes, cheering and celebrating you and your friends progress. (I can see climbers nodding at this and not-yet-climbers raising their eyebrows!) Of course, you fall and slip, scratch and bleed a bit (or more in my case), your body limbs feel giving up sometimes, you are left with muscle aches very often after a session, these happen too.

At that point, some people might even ask you, ‘WHY do you have to climb a rock torturing yourself?’ I mean it obviously looks like we’re trying to figure out the most difficult and complicated way to get to the top of the rock. It’s a lot of fun but seriously. Why do we want more projects and problems to solve when we already have a life full of them? As a climber, you already have your answer. Come to Alpiness Coliving and share with us! If you’re a not-yet-climber, you can find it out yourself at Alpiness Coliving. (Or you can come and ask, wink wink)

Nestled in the valleys of Valais, Les Haudères is the home of Alpiness Coliving, and it’s not just a picturesque Swiss village; it’s a haven for climbers. Imagine waking up to the crisp mountain air, surrounded by valleys that echo with the promise of exciting climbs. The best part? Various climbing levels are within arm’s reach, offering everything from bouldering to multi-pitch adventures! Don’t worry if you’re not a climber yet, there are various things for you to enjoy anyways, including every weekday family dinners and beautiful scenic hikes!

Climbing Mornings, Work Afternoons

: A Lifestyle Blend with Embracing Community

At Alpiness Coliving, we’ve redefined the remote work experience. Start your day with an invigorating climb alongside fellow enthusiasts. Then, swap chalk for a keyboard in the afternoon. Or vice versa. Whichever comes first, it’s not only just a lifestyle; it’s a community of climbers who embrace the perfect blend of work and play. This is one of the keys of a joyful life I believe that climbing can add that it allows you to play lots and take your life less seriously. Don’t you think ‘playing’ is underestimated for adults life? Take it back! Implement it in your life, make is a permanent thing for you during your stay at Alpiness Coliving.

Alpiness Coliving is also a community that accepts you and your being just as you are. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or just starting or not at all, our diverse group of climbers and non-climbers, we got you covered here with our arms all open. Show your culture, we appreciate you. Express your colour, we will paint together. How does it look like?

Every weekday you will taste the world cuisine in the most authentic way cooked by fellow colivers from different countries thanks to our family dinner system, (I know it’s surprising that you can do this at a deep valley of Swiss alps, but it’s true!) sometimes after dinner you will join competitive but full of hollers and laughter board game nights, (no worries, we won’t hold grudges even if you constantly win every time!) intriguing and thought provoking deep conversations of life or debate of world politics and social issues over tea, all sort of the weekend excursions are found here to help you connect with others with your authentic true self. Is there something you want to do with people? Suggest it at the family meeting!

Climbing Adventures Await in 2024

I guess you’re wondering what we really do or did as climbers specifically. Let me share what climbing adventures I had at Alpiness Coliving in 2023.

  1. Outdoor Sports Climbing – Top rope, Lead Climbing and Multi Pitch

    In Evolène area, you can find so many climbing spots for various levels from 4+ to 8. One of the nearest spot from Alpiness Coliving is easily accessible by bus (free since you pay the tourist tax) and in 10-15min from Les Haudères bus stop (30 seconds from the coliving). That’s where I had my first lead climbing, 4C and belaying others! Perfect spot to start outdoor climbing, highly recommend.

    Depending on the climbing level of your fellow climbers, the routes you’re going to try will be quite different. But you will always find people from beginners to expert. I am climbing 5C-6A, and I tagged along with 7A-B climbers even to a multi pitch, it was fantastic experience, pushing myself to difficult crags and challenge. Even trying a few moves on the routes helped me to figure out my moves and watching other people’s beta is absolutely fun. Packing lunch and sweets and having a little picnic is a bonus too.

PS: Climbing is not just for summer… we’ve been lucky to have some experienced climbers in the house and we got to try ice climbing as well during the winter season. 😉

2. Weekly Climbing Gym Sessions

My climbing journey at Alpiness wasn’t confined to the great outdoors. Our weekly climbing gym sessions were perfect for honing your skills and connecting with fellow climbers. Our go-to and closest gym is in Saxon, 45min drive from the house, will cost you 4 CHF return trip (it’s for fuel!) if you join the cars from the house. Vertic Halle Saxon has two different tickets, one is 17 CHF, which allows you to access all the boulder problems and auto belay routes. The other ticket costs 25 CHF and you can additionally have access to top rope and lead climbing routes. Are you a student? You will get a discount!

All the gears can be rented at the gym or you can borrow from the coliving, one item rental will cost you 5 CHF either from the coliving or the gym. For the gym, you’ll at least need climbing shoes, also a harness if you’re going to use auto belay. We usually departed at 9.15 to make it opening of the gym at 10, climbed hard till 1, had lunch at COOP restaurant, had a grocery shopping and came back home around 3, which still gave us enough time to shower and work before dinner.

*** FYI, Alpiness Coliving has harnesses, helmets, ropes, quickdraws, each for 5 CHF to rent. 15 CHF for the whole set.

3. Bouldering with Crafting Routes and Leaving Your Mark

Ever dreamed of naming a climbing route after yourself? Join us in brushing local rocks and creating new routes. In October, our climbers crafted routes like ‘Sunny Side Up’ (6B), ‘Easy Over’ (5+), and ‘Pineapple Raclette’ (6B). Your name could be next on the list!

Bouldering spots are everywhere nearby, 5-10min driving from the Coliving, there are numerous new rocks to brush and discover. Honestly, it was one of the coolest experience I’ve ever had, I have to admit, even though I am not a huge fan of bouldering. (I am more of a rope girl!) Once you get to the point, you scout the rocks, examine, check the holds, share opinions and try a few times, once you can see the route clearly then start brushing hard! It’s not easy to clean it perfectly. But I can guarantee you it gives you good laughs together.

PS: In April-May 2024, Alpiness will close for a month… why??? well… there might be a boulder wall happening in the basement #spoiler #staytuned

  1. Watching Climbing Competition Together

    Have you ever watched the pro climbers competing against each other? Just like any other sports, it’s super fun, also very informative to learn how their betas are working. It’s double fun when you watch it together. Be amazed at cool moves that world class top climbers make!

    We watched IFSC Europe and Asia qualifiers for 2024 Paris Olympics, these top notch climbing they showed excited us so much! Redbull Ascent was a different kind of fun because that was happening in Switzerland, along the wall of the massive dam. Such pure joy to scream and cheer together.
  2. Planning Your Climbs and Prepare: The Joy of Variety

    With a diverse group of climbers at Alpiness, every week brings new climbing opportunities. Collaborate with fellow climbers to plan your routes, ensuring that each climb is a unique adventure. Work out in the morning for your technique! We had a few climbers who worked regularly for knees and/or core, we had pull up challenges too! Mix things up to spice the life.

So, what do you reckon? Ready to Scale some New Heights?

Embark on a climbing journey like never before at Alpiness Coliving. Your remote work paradise awaits amidst the Swiss Alps!

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